Monday, June 24, 2013

Video flyover of Kings Mtn trail

No postings for quite a while, thanks mainly to spending a lot of time emailing and on Facebook.  But that forum has its obvious limitations, so maybe it's time to do some occasional blogging.  

NOTE:  The following is not spam.  My Droid has an app called MapMyWalk which now (thanks to a new version of Google Earth) offers a impressive video flyover for exercise and hiking routes.  Here's an example from a hike on Sunday up Kings Mtn, in the Oregon Coast Range about a half hour from where I live.  The heavy forest seems to interfere with the GPS output, making it look like I was lost even though the trail is out-and-back via a single route.  It's an evergreen forest, mostly second-growth Douglas fir, but the trees are rounded, making it look like they're hardwoods.  Otherwise, it's an impressive visualization of the route.