Saturday, August 15, 2009

Woodstock + 40: Three performances

While I'm reluctant to add to all the hype over Woodstock's 40th anniversary, I remembered (from the movie) this high-energy performance by Sly and the Family Stone one of the highlights of the event.

Then I came across two more that shouldn't be overlooked. So I'm including all three (though many more also deserve another look).

On a personal note, I passed on Woodstock even though I could've easily gotten there. I was living a few hours away in Boston at the time, but I heard that parking was a serious problem. Unwilling to walk five miles, especially in the predicted rain, I passed. Foolishly, as it turns out.

And here's Carlos Santana & Co. with "Soul Sacrifice" (including a fine drum solo by 20-year-old Michael Shrieve starting around 3:15) and some PG-rated footage of the crowd:

Finally, no short collection from Woodstock is complete without Hendrix. While the band really starts cooking at around 6:00, this isn't my favorite version of the classic. But still...

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