Friday, December 31, 2010

"Gazing at the Sacred Peak" by Tu Fu (712-770)

For all this, what is the mountain god like?
An unending green of lands north and south:
From ethereal beauty Creation distills
There, yin and yang split dusk and dawn.

Swelling clouds sweep by. Returning birds
Strain my eyes as they vanish. One day soon,
At the summit, the other mountains will be
Small enough to hold, all in a single glance.

Happy New Year!

This poem came to mind as I watched the last sunrise of the year over Mt. Hood -- a rare break from a long rainy spell (51 out of the last 60 days!).

[Photo: Khumbu Himal near Syangboche, Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal - by M.J. O'Brien]

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