Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Forest Grove Lebowski Fest Qualifying Exam

In order to qualify for admission to the 1st Annual Forest Grove Lebowski Fest, each guest must achieve a score of at least 4% (one correct answer) on this exam, which will be administered orally at the door.  Alternatively, since the bums always lose, you can pay an admission fee of $0.69 (checks only).    

GRAND PRIZE: The person with the highest score can take any rug in the house.
1)     For whom is the Dude taking it easy?
2)     Which “aggression will not stand,” according to the Dude? 
3)     Who is about to enter a world of pain — why and where? 
4)     Why does the Dude get tossed out of the taxicab? 
5)     What evidence does the Dude offer that he’s not married? 
6)     Who were the members of the Seattle 7?
7)     How does the Dude keep his mind, uh, limber? 
8)     How many more detectives were assigned to the Dude’s case, and what’s the cause of the odor in his car? 
9)     What score does Smokey want to enter on his bowling card? Why does Walter object?
10)  What does the cable guy do after he arrives at the apartment in Bunny’s movie?
11)  Who are the Knutsens?
12)  Describe the darkness that washed over the Dude. 
13)  According to Walter, what has the Supreme Court roundly rejected? 
14)  What do you call the Dude if you're not into the whole brevity thing? 
15)  How, in one word, does the Dude describe nihilism? 
16)  How does the Stranger describe the Dude in the opening sequence? 
17)  What is the Dude’s answer to everything, according to the Big Lebowski?  And where does he say it should be tattooed? 
18)  What class is Larry Sellars flunking?
19)  What is ten percent of a half million dollars, according to the Dude? 
20)  According to the Stranger, what do you sometimes eat? 
21)  What did the Dude do in college? 
22)  Why did Digby Sellars stop writing?
23)  For whom was the Dude a roadie? 
24)  What is the Dude’s primary activity and goal? 
25)  What was Donny’s full name, and where did he surf? 

For answers, visit the IMDB or check out the entire script

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