Monday, June 13, 2011

"...the whole durned human comedy keeps perpetuatin' itself." (The Stranger)

All LITTLE LEBOWSKI Urban Achievers are invited to the

At: 534 Watercrest Rd. in the Grove
Date:  Saturday, June 18th / Starts: Whenever / Ends: Whenever

Join us: 1) In Wishing Katy a Bon Voyage as she leaves for her summer in Europe and, 2) In Celebrating Jesse’s graduation from PSUSOSW (and his MSW)!

1) Bring your own beverage (pizza & white Russians provided)
2) Nihilists warmly welcomed — an ethos will be provided.
         3) Marmots and other amphibious rodents must be leashed at all times.
         4) No rolling — it’s Shabbos!
         5) All guests must be housebroken.
         6) Certain things have come to light — learn what they are!
7) See what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps.

NOTE:  All guests must RSVP and pass the FGCLLUA Qualifying Exam

Directions to the Grove

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